Two women have filmed themselves raping one guy in South Africa.  “You don’t even get an erection,” she says. “It’s because I don’t want your punani,” he says.

 “You’re not even using a condom,” says the man.

The video of the two women, believed to be sisters, forcing the man to have sex with them was taken at their house in Hluhluwe, northern KZN on 19 September.

A third woman, who allegedly handled the camera, remains unseen.

The video, taken in a bedroom, shows the man being held down by a woman in pink underwear while a woman in white panties tries to force him into an erection.

“Where did you learn this?” asks the man in isiZulu. One of them replies: “You are our man, we have to bonk you.”

When the man tells the women he doesn’t want to have sex, they threaten to beat him with sticks. Towards the end of the video, the woman in the white panties helps the other woman.

“Put the 4-5 in the punani,” she says. While this is going on, the victim complains: “You’re not even using a condom.”

“Do you have a condom on you?” she asks. “Why should I bring that?” he asks.

Lieutenant-Colonel Thulani Zwane said a rape case was opened after women allegedly raped a man.

“Three women aged between 21 and 27 were arrested last week and appeared in the Hluhluwe Magistrates Court,” he said. They will appear again tomorrow. daily sun